Q: Can I earn my ACLS certification through your program?
A: Yes. We provide a 100% online
ACLS certification exam for the first-time applicant which can be taken entirely online. You are not required to attend and complete an in-person skills evaluation in order to receive your provider card through our program.

Q: Can I recertify with your program?
A: Yes. You may recertify through our 100% online ACLS recertification examination. Registration takes less than 1 minute and you can access the exam immediately.

Q: Do I need to complete a local skills check?
A: No. The ACLS certification and ACLS recertification exams both do not require you to enroll and complete a local skills evaluation in order to pass and receive your provider card. Our exams and training course are now based on the new 2020 guidelines but are designed for practictioners who need a convenient way to quickly earn their ACLS card.

Q: Will I receive continuing education credit?
A: Yes. Applicants who successfully pass either the certification or recertification exams will be eligible to request continuing education unit (CEU) documentation from our organization. Our organization will award 8 CEUs for certification and 4 CEUs for recertification. The number of CEUs is based on the average of time for preparation and completion of the exam.

How Our Program Works

National Critical Care Institute encourages you to obtain your ACLS certification or recertification through our accelerated 100% online exams. Each test can typically be completed in less than one hour. Our online training course and exams are based on the updated 2020 guidelines found in the most current published ACLS provider manual. Our organization provides the most affordable ACLS online courses while ensuring the highest level of educational integrity. If you are interested in a convenient way to earn your ACLS renewal or initial certification, look no further. Get started now to earn and receive your ACLS card today!

How To Get Started

Registration is fast and convenient. Simply choose either the ACLS certification or the ACLS recertification exam which will then take you to our secure transaction page. You do not need to log in at any point throughout this process. If you require preparation before taking the exam, you can order the New 100% online training course on the order page which both exams have been crafted directly after. After registration is complete, you will receive immediate access to either of the online exams or ACLS training course. An email receipt will also be sent automatically which contains access links to the exams and/or course that were purchased. Unless you've chosen the same day email card option, exams are graded and a response sent within one business day from being received.

About the Online Exams

Both exams consist of 50 questions. Each of the fifty questions have four possible answers with only one being correct. The exams may be printed to allow you to study offline and determine your answer selection. Once you are satisfied with your answers, click the "submit answers" button at the bottom of the page and receive your results within 15 minutes or less sent to your email. You must receive a score of 80% or better to earn your ACLS provider card and recognition. If you pass, our administrators will attach the digital provider card to your confirmation email and notify our shipping department to ship the free hard copy card according to the shipping selection you made. Please allow one business day for your digital provider card unless you've selected the same day email card option.

No Skills Evaluation

You can now receive your ACLS card entirely through our online exams and courses no matter if you are a first-time certification applicant or returning practitioner. Unlike other online ACLS providers who include a hidden skills check, our organization does not require you to complete an in-person skills evaluation. Simply register for either of the ACLS online certification exams or courses and complete from your home or office computer when you are ready.

Based on New 2020 Guidelines

Each of the online ACLS exams and training courses were crafted in accordance with the current ECC guidelines by AHA trained medical professionals. Our organization strongly believes that only AHA-endorsed literature should be used for studying and crafting examination courses after. Unlike other online ACLS providers who offer dilluted courses they've created themselves, our organization provides an ACLS online course and exams based on the official ACLS provider manual. You may purchase the provider manual or online ACLS training course when you register if you require preparation prior to taking the online test. Proper studying of the provider manual or online ACLS training course should ensure a positive outcome with either of the exams.

Same-Day Email Card Option

If you are in a rush to receive your ACLS card, we now offer the same day email card option. In order to be eligible for this service, you must register and submit your answer selection before 3:00pm EST the same day. Once our staff receive the completed exam, they will grade and respond with your digital provider card if you pass. If your score is below passing, you will receive an email within 15 minutes showing which numbers were incorrect and a link to retake the exam. Typically our adminstrators can grade your exam retake answers the same day and respond, depending on how soon they receive your return email during business hours.

No Time Limit Requirements

Our online ACLS exams are not timed and do not have a required date to be completed and submitted for review. Simply take at the pace you desire and submit your answer selection once completed. Both exams can be printed to allow you to study offline and then input your final answer selection online. Allow one business day for our administrators to grade the answer selection and respond unless you've selected the same-day review option.

Free Digital & Hard Copy Cards

We are proud to be the first and only online ACLS provider that awards both a free digital ACLS card and a free hard copy ACLS card to applicants who successfully pass our exams. Digital cards are sent first and are attached to a second email sent by our administrators confirming your test results. The digital card attachment can be saved and printed for immediate use. Hard copy cards are identical to the digital version but are crafted of high quality material so that they may be carried on your person at all times.

Free Exam Retake Opportunity

All applicants who order the ACLS certification or recertification exams receive one free retake if they score below 80% their first attempt. Our administrators will notify the applicant via an email which includes the incorrect answers and minimum number needed to answer correctly in order to pass. To retake the test, click the link from the email. Allow one business day for our staff to grade and respond unless you've selected the rush email card option. Additional retakes ensue a small $25 fee each attempt to cover processing conducted by our advisors.

Overnight Shipping Available

You can now take advantage of our new overnight shipping option for either your hard copy ACLS card or provider manual. Quickly receive the ACLS provider manual or hard copy card the next day provided you place your order before 3:00pm EST the same day. If you have selected overnight shipping for the hard copy card, you must pass either the certification or renewal exam and submit to our advisors before 3:00pm EST. Exam submissions and provider manual orders placed after our time policy will be sent the following business day overnight.

Now Offering Group Discounts

If you represent a medical facility or a number of practitioners, you can now receive a significant reduction in the total cost of order registration depending on the volume of applicants. Once you've contacted our staff using the specific form on the group discounts page, we will provide you a promo code that you can enter into the custom checkout process to receive the discount. We have five promo codes up to 30% off which are determined by the number of applicants purchasing the online exams.

NEW 2020 AHA Guidelines

National Critical Care Institute is proud to offer health and medical practitioners with accelerated exams and an online training course that are based on the new 2020 AHA guidelines. The current ACLS provider manual which the American Heart Association now offers is dramatically updated with new techniques, terms and clinical recommendations. Our 100% online training course is an ideal way to prepare for either the ACLS certification or recertification exams as it is comprised of 20 pages that are derived after these new 2020 AHA guidelines. Additionally, each of our ACLS certification exams have been carefully updated to cover crucial new terminology and techniques based on the new 2020 American Heart Association guidelines. Enroll today in our online training course or ACLS exams to ensure you are certified with these new requirements.

To enroll in the online ACLS certification, CLICK HERE

To enroll in the ACLS online recertification, CLICK HERE

New 2020 Updates for ACLS Online Renewal
New 2020 ACLS Online Certification Based on Updated Guidelines
If you are a doctor, nurse, physician or other health practitioner looking for the most updated ACLS certification classes online, NCCI is an ideal choice for you. Our team of AHA trained medical experts have carefully updated the ACLS certification course to include testing material that is in accordance with current American Heart Association (AHA) algorithm guidelines. There are many online ACLS certification courses that are not current. By choosing NCCI's ACLS certification course, you will receive a comprehensive course which will include the most up-to date materials and guidelines.
New 2020 ACLS Recertification Online Based on Current Guidelines
ACLS online recertification is a great choice for many nurses, doctors and other medical professionals who prefer a convenient alternative to standard ACLS renewal. Each year there are new health care techniques and steps that get revised or created thus, NCCI has updated our ACLS courses to follow after the most current AHA guidelines. Make sure you are taking an ACLS class and recertification exam that reflects these important guidelines. Get your ACLS renewal online with NCCI now and have your digital email card sent the same day!
New ACLS Online Training Course for 2020 - Either Renewal or Initial
The most important element of ACLS certification or recertification online is the training course that accompanies the exam. Most online providers of ACLS are using outdated training classes which will not effectively assist health and medical practitioners who are serious about ACLS online review. NCCI has updated the ACLS training course for 2020 basing the curriculum after the most current AHA guidelines. Our ACLS course is an alternative to the AHA provider manual as it is condensed and can be accessed online at your leisure.
2020 Updates from ACLS Online Renewal Staff
Our healthcare provider staff are excited to commence 2020 with the addition of our new PALS certification and recertification courses. We now offer an online PALS training course, exam and other preparation resources for medical practitioners who need to earn their PALS and/or ACLS. Additionally, we've added a state locator section to assist individuals with current, local information related to AHA testing facilities and general state info. If this is your first time preparing for the online ACLS or PALS certification class, we encourage you to take the free ACLS practice test as practice. We look forward to making your PALS and ACLS certification or renewal a convenient and rewarding experience.
State Locator